When routine is not so routine.

Finn at 20 weeks
Finn at 20 weeks

I am asking for your prayers. And maybe that sounds like a silly request, and for some, maybe especially after you read why, but nonetheless I am.

I took Finn to the vet this morning for his yearly checkup. He’s 2 years old now and to look at him and play with him you’d think he’s totally healthy. That said, today his vet heard the distinct sound of a heart murmur and is recommending he see a doggie cardiologist. (I’m sure that’s the professional title.)

It may be nothing to worry about. He may have always had it.  And while last year, at his physical it wasn’t picked up on, last year his regular vet was on maternity leave and he saw a fill in. So while I’m sure she’s great, maybe the fill in didn’t know him well enough or pick up on it.

I think his regular care giver is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. And frankly well adapt at dealing with a “helicopter pet parent.” And I’m thankful for her due diligence and constant attention to detail.

Sleepy Finn 1.10.14
Sleepy Finn 1.10.14

But never the less, while she was explaining how the heart works and that he might need medication I went straight to “is he going to have a sudden heart attack and die? Because you just said ‘cardiologist’ and ‘heart disease’ in the same sentence.”

There was a moment where I didn’t believe her. And when she said it could be stress/adrenaline induced I waited awhile longer, for him to calm down and asked her to listen again. She’s amazing. Totally calm and willing. She let me listen, too. And there it was, I heard it. An offbeat. In triplicate. “It fades in and out,” I told her. “Yes, it does. And that may be a good thing,” She told me.

But still. I got in my car, put Finn in his crate, called my mom and cried. Shock I guess. Concern too. And sometimes that’s just how I need to process things like “cardiologist” and “specialist” and “EKGs” and whatever else he’ll need to know what’s going on.

For two years, he’s been my constant companion. A virtually instant bond. My toto in this crazy land of Oz.

I’m much more resolute as I type this. I know he will be fine. Later today, I will call MSU and set up an appointment. Another thing for which I’m thankful, a world-class veterinary program and facility right in our backyard.

In the meantime, I know he’s just a dog, but since he’s my dog and my very best friend would you please keep him and us in your thoughts?

Thank you.

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