On Co-Winning The Internet

A few days ago, randomly, the show @Midnight’s Twitter account started following. Then I got this tweet:

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They had picked me to be one of their TagTeam Thursday players. Emails flew around. I had to email their show my driver’s license and sign the standard release form. It asked me to list who lived in my house, and naturally I put:

Name of People Residing in your Home: Finn.
Relationship: My dog
Their employer: He’s just a dog. ;))

Then I got another couple DMs asking me how to pronounce my name.

Then I waited until Thursday.

@Midnight Screengrab
@Midnight Screengrab

At the opening of the show, I learned that Morgan Murphy would be playing for my bragging rights. She said nice things, like that I’m her bestie and that while we’ve never met, we’d probably get along. I’d happily add her to my list of besties and she’s right, we probably would get along.

So as the show progressed, it came down to the final question. And Morgan knocked it out of the park with wit and brevity.  (Sometimes the best jokes are timely and short.) And bam! Just like that, I co-won the internet.

I will take it.

I’d like to thank Morgan, Chris Hardwhick, the fine folks at @Midnight, and Comedy Central for the fun.

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